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We have 29 years of experience

Medszo is a global growing pharmaceutical company licenced and regulated by the Dutch Ministry of Health (IGZ) to import and export branded pharmaceuticals, generic medicines and medical devices into national and international markets.

Our strong ethics and devotion has provided the driving force behind our vision! With the loyalty of a positive growing customer base, our company will remain focussed, strong and ever growing for years to come. At any moment, in any minute, we execute countless crucial decisions that will improve the business of our clients and the life of their patients.

Our streamlined operating principles maximize a reliable environment that delivers value to customers. We seek to earn the trust and respect of all those who interact with us. We hold ourselves to the highest compliance, operational and ethical standards.

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We align our resources and execute with excellence

Thanks to our strong devotion and determination our team will be able to find solutions for global-minded healthcare professionals. By utilizing a unique diversification strategy, we distinguish ourselves from others. Due to our experience, know-how and continuous research we are able to use high quality standards, in and outside of Europe.

We sustain strong performance to deliver exceptional results to our clients. We are capable and resourceful to provide solutions that embrace better outcomes. Medszo encourages appropriate risk-taking to find the products which are difficult to obtain.

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Providing healthcare in every direction

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0031 20 225 94 02
0031 20 261 46 74

Medszo Netherlands

Kingsfordweg 151,
1043 GR Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Medszo Portugal

Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 21, 2ºC,
1150-278, Santo António Lisboa, Lisboa,

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