Excellency is our passion

Knowledge and motivation are the driving forces that put our passion into the right results.

We are an undisputed specialist in this area in the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. We aim to maintain our leading position by continually optimizing our services to our clients and relationships with our suppliers.

Not all medicines have an easy access. Medszo believes that all medical products should be available for every patient. We feel it like our responsibility to find solutions for global-minded healthcare professionals.

Thanks to our strong devotion and determination our team will join all possible tools to find solution for situations in which a necessary medicine is simply not available or not easy to obtain.

Achieving outstanding results

We are all working together, that’s our secret to success.

Medszo commercialise several medicines, food supplements for medical purposes, cosmetics and medical devices/disposables.

Medicines in shortage, unlicensed in your area or just difficult to get? Our team will put all energies together to find the right solution.
We offer high quality medical devices and OTC products. Our network of suppliers provides a large range of medical devices that is continuously expanded.
Due to this extended network, we are able to provide medical products from all over the world. Our partnerships with several manufacturers and distributors in European and other markets, maximize the availability of our products.

We only work with reliable partners which, like us, respect all regulation imposed by EMA. We guarantee excellency during the whole process.

Partnering | In Licensing

Trust and loyalty are the maindrops to fill our ocean

Cultivating long-standing relationships with our partners we are always seeking for in license opportunities of medicinal products that meet the specific needs of our patients on our main markets. Medszo has a very strong presence and knowledge of the Portuguese hospital market. Over the years, we have built close relationships with the national hospitals and on-site pharmacies which buy our products.

Our team has many years’ experience in selecting the right products from professional partners. We are constantly on the look-out for new ones to increase our portfolio’s range and attractiveness to customers. We are also always happy to hear from companies wanting to partner us. The extended experience of our sales team makes place for unwavering success and mutual trust with our partners and clients.

Please contact us if you want to discuss a future together.

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Products with the best quality

We don´t only supply medicine to wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacist all over the world, but also food supplements, OTC, cosmetics and medical devices and disposables. Due to our large network, we can provide products from all over the world. This enables us to be efficient which helps you save time and money.

In our online shop you will find medical devices which you can obtain just in a few simple steps and they can be delivered wherever you want. Just have a look.

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Providing healthcare in every direction

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